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FOUNDED IN JULY 2015, given by Ninela’s great recognitions as Miss Venezuela Kid 2002, Miss Toronto Latina 2014, Miss Canada Latina 2014, Semifinalist (top 10, spot of 6) in the contest Miss America Latina of the World and Semifinalist (TOP20) in the Miss Universe Canada contest.

Experienced in discovering and forming beauty

About America’s Top Model Academy

It is enough to remember that Ninela has discovered 5 Queens from her academy located in Toronto, Canada. Proof of this are Gabriela Martinez de la Fuente, Miss Canada Latina 2015 and semifinalist in the contest Miss Latin America of the World, Arianna Laya Garcia, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2015 (best runway, best bikini body, 1st finalist in the National Costume Competition and Miss Elegance), also 3rd finalist in the international Miss Princess of the world contest.

Daniela Marzana, Miss Bolivia Canada 2017 and 1st finalist in the Miss Canada Latina national pageant. Wendy Valdez, Miss Canada Latina 2017 and semifinalist in the international pageant Miss America Latina of the World. Among other alumni who stand out in the world of fashion and television

Our Vision

In the process of forming professional models, in AMERICA’S TOP MODEL & TALENT ACADEMY BY NINELA SANCHEZ, we have as a priority: to train professionally each student in the new concepts of child, youth, and mature modeling. Classes such as runway, fashion trends, body and oral expression, etiquette, glamor, presentation before cameras, dance, nutrition, leadership in other areas of professional, intellectual and personal growth. As well incorporating into the real world, and the diffusion of its image in the local, national and international fashion market; among others.

For our Academy, it is fundamental to provide our students with the best training in the different areas of modeling, and the demanding curriculum that includes self- disciplined; resulting in people with great ability to stand out with great confident of their qualities.

We also demand from our students an exemplary behavior both in their school studies and in their attitude towards their parents. Being a model is much more than knowing how to walk on a runway, yet it is being an example for their communites, and having solid values with great self-esteem.

“Our academy not only teaches students to walk on a runway; here we prepare people so they can face and perform in public or in front of a camera.

It is essential to help them develop their personality and self-esteem, that is our goal”

Ninela Sanchez

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